Where are you located?

The Square Room is located in the heart of downtown Knoxville on Market Square. You can easily access our main entrance by way of the courtyard between Café 4 & Tomato Head.

Where can I get tickets?

Tickets to all shows are available at thesquareroom.com or Café 4’s coffee bar.

How old do you have to be to come to a show?

We are an all-ages venue, this means we’d love to see everyone visit our space! Come one, come all.

Can I rent out the Square Room?

Yes, you can. The Square Room is available for use of private events. Please check out our Private Event’s tab for more information.

How can I book my band there?

You can email booking@thesquareroom.com, please include a link to your electronic press kit for consideration.

Can I bring a camera?

Yes. Unless the artist performing has any special instructions for a particular evening, we welcome you to bring your camera to document the experience. Check out your show’s individual information section for specific instructions.

Do you offer alcohol?

The Square Room offers a wide selection of beer, wine and a variety of non-alcoholic beverages. If you have the proper ID, we’re happy to serve you.

Is it an appropriate venue for kids?

Yes, Square Room is an all-ages, family friendly venue.

How early can I come?

Doors for shows open one hour prior to show time, unless otherwise advertised. You may come as early as you like as long as you are lined up outside the main Square Room entrance.

Where do I line up?

Lines for shows form at the main Square Room entrance located in the courtyard between Café 4 & Tomato Head.

Where is my seat?

The Square Room is a general admission venue. Therefore, there are no assigned seats. We have a variety of seating arrangements based on type of show & size of crowd. Most of our shows are partially seated, which means once they fill up, there are no more seats available. Check out your show’s listing to see what is available and come early to make sure you get one if you’d like.

A friend/my sister/cousin/babysitter/mom bought tickets and they’re not under my name at will call. What do I do?

Bring a photo ID. If the last name on your ID matches the last name of the tickets purchased, you’re all set.
To be safe, just print out your proof of purchase from TicketWeb and bring it with you.

What does ‘Sold Out’ mean?

Sold Out means that there are no more available tickets. At times, patrons may be selling extras at the door. You are more than welcome to come down to the venue on a sold out night and see if you can buy tickets from other concert goers. However, if we’re sold out, it means we have no more tickets for sale.

Can I make reservations for dinner at Café 4?

Of course! Make your evening at 4 Market Square complete with dinner by Knoxville’s urban retreat. Make reservations at cafe4ms.com or by calling 544.4144.

Will you be serving food?

Unless the show has been advertised as one of our special ‘Dinner Concerts’, we will more than likely not be serving food in the Square Room. However, feel free to order food from Café 4 and bring it inside. Please finish & discard all other outside food & beverage before entering our venue.

Can I order food in Café 4 and bring it in to the Square Room?

Of course! What better to complete a show than a cupcake or mocha latte? Swing by the coffee bar at Café 4 and place your order. Make sure they know you’re an audience member of Square Room and check back.

What does Partially Seated, Seated, Mostly Standing or Standing Room Only mean?

Each show at Square Room is set up differently depending on crowd size and artistic style.
Ranging From:

  • Standing Room Only — no chairs available
  • Partially Seated — Some chairs with standing room available in the back of room
  • Seated — we are set up theatre style with rows of chairs and a seat for all ticket purchasers.

Check out the individual show information on our website for your show’s specific seating and come early if you’d like to make sure you get a seat. Remember, we’re general admission, so if you want to be sure to sit with a group, you’ll need to be here when doors open.

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